What do you do?

We make labels.  Catering to the wine, spirits and gourmet food markets, we provide the expertise and design assistance to ensure that your labels are of the highest quality with superb results.

What’s the buying process?

Based on our experience, we know what options to provide you. We give you options. You pick your options. We give you pricing. You lock-in pricing. From there, a representative will contact you to obtain artwork and work out any required production details. Then we build and ship your labels.

What are your payment options?

Generally, we accept credit card or check. If you regularly order from us, however, we can work out a credit line for you. You can discuss this with our representative who will contact you during the process.

What’s the difference between Elite Label and traditional wine label printers?

Our exceptional level of service, quality and attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition.

What is your average leadtime?

Standard leadtime is 12-18 business days. We recommend you provide us with your bottling date at least one month in advance, and we will have your labels to you as needed.  However, please keep in mind that lead time can be impacted by TTB approvals. More information on TTB can be found below.

How are parts shipped?

We generally ship via FedEx or UPS based on your preference. If you have a shipping account number with these two couriers, we can use that, or else we generally pre-pay and bill shipping costs. Shipping varies quite a bit based on total weight and where we are shipping to. If knowing the cost beforehand is critical to you, please ask your representative for a rough estimate.

What art services do your provide?

We have an in-house design team. Although we generally do not create designs from scratch, every order spends some time in our art department undergoing review and optimization of customer supplied artwork to be best reproduced on our equipment.

What does the art fee cover?

The art fee is a flat fee that covers art review, art proofs, and printing plates. Each order will include one digital art proof that must be approved before we print your order. A printed art proof on your material stock is also available upon request.

What is the lead-time? How long does it take to receive labels?

From the date you place your order, you generally receive labels within 4 weeks. We can get them sooner to you based on our production schedules. Of course, lead-times also vary based on any necessary artwork changes and approvals. Your best bet is to place your order as soon as possible and to ideally do this at least six weeks before your scheduled bottling dates to ensure you will have labels ready.

What are TTB regulations? Do you check for that?

TTB regulations can be tricky. The government requires that all wine sold contains a TTB approved label. To help guide you, here is the direct link to TTB’s website with an overview of their regulations: http://www.ttb.gov/. To make things easier, we’re going to link you to some references you can use to design your label: TTB Regulations (PDF) and Guidelines for labeling wine with organic references (PDF). Download these, and design away!

Are your stock dies rectangular?

Our stock dies are rectangular. They are for standard glass. If you are placing these labels on tapered bottles, please indicate this in the notes section. You will need to order specially shaped tapered labels that will lay flat when applied. We can help you scale your artwork to this, so just let us know how we can help.

What adhesives do you offer?

How sticky are our labels? All our adhesives are all permanent pressure sensitive. These are permanent, meaning that they will withstand all the standard temperature conditions that wines undergo.

What more can you ask for? Wet strength materials? You’re in luck! All our materials are wet strength, so they will stay put, even on your whites.

What quality checks do you offer?

For one, we provide you with art proofs that we require approval on. This ensures that the artwork that we are printing will match exactly what you are envisioning. Second, our operators follow procedures ensuring that colors are matched as accurately to standard pantone colors or to your label samples as possible. Upon completion of printing, every order is reviewed for defects and audited for compliance to our processes. No order ships out our door without undergoing all of these steps.

Can you explain more about the wine label industry as a whole?

Check out our blog. It has plenty of posts and advice relevant to all aspects of the small to medium wine industry. That’s where we showcase our advice and community of small to medium wineries.

What are your return policies?

All labels are custom printed, so unfortunately, we don’t accept returns.  However, if you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of your label, we will work with you to make corrections.  We always want our customer to walk away with a smile on their face.

Can we request samples of wine labels you have printed in the past?

Of course! E-mail information@elitelabel.com with the subject line: Wine Label Generic Sample Request.

What if there is an issue with my order?

Once you have submitted information to us regarding your order, a representative will contact you. You may directly contact that representative to discuss that situation. Or, else you can fill out our contact form.

Do you offer extra labels if needed?

Here’s a neat fact: Wine label industry standards are that wine label printers can offer under and over 10% of labels and charge for the shipped amount of labels.

Here’s another neat fact: We aren’t standard. We’re actually a little better.

We always aim to print extra labels in case your bottling line goes down, or in case you want to just show off your creation to your friends. We are the only wine label printer that gives you all those extra labels for free. That’s right; we charge you for the amount of labels that you order. Any amount of labels we happen to print extra of, up to 10%, is all yours and will automatically be shipped with your order.