Tatoosh’s new partner in crime

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TatooshThe prohibition may be over, but remnants of the time period still remain with us today. Troy Turner, founder of Tatoosh Distillery, has a family tree full of moonshiners that can be traced back to Louisiana in the early 1900’s. Turner’s great grandfather got caught up with the law during the prohibition days and was given the choice of jail or relocation. He chose the latter and ended up in Seattle. Thanks to the move, generations of his relatives were able retain his famous distillery methods in the Pacific Northwest.

Today, the Tatoosh distillery legally uses old family recipes, quality grain, and the purest of mountain water to craft its quality whiskey. The workers at Tatoosh are able to spend as much time as needed to bring the finest whiskey to the community without having to hide from the law.

Tatoosh wanted to embody their origins within the label and we helped them do just that by creating an old-fashioned style label that keeps the prohibition feel at heart. The label was produced using custom die-cuts that fringe the perimeter giving the label a tattered, authentic look. We incorporated our decorative capabilities while producing the labels for their whisky, bourbon, and rye whiskey in order to honor their prohibition roots.

Some of the best origin stories come from local, small batch distilleries, and at Elite Label we want to help depict them!

To read more about the origins of Tatoosh Distillery and Spirits, visit their website here.

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