Sunshine Valley Vineyards medallion produced by Elite Label wins award at 2015 Wines and Vines Packaging Conference

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SVVSEATTLE, Washington (August 28th, 2015) – At the 2015 Wines and Vines Packaging Conference, Sunshine Valley Vineyards won “Best Overall Package” for their 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon bottle package featuring a 3D electroform medallion produced by Elite Label. The annual Wines and Vines Packaging Conference took place August 19 in Napa Valley, California.

The bottle package was designed by Sara Nelson of Sara Nelson Design. The package designed included the 3D medallion produced by Elite Label. The freestanding 3D electroform nameplate stands out from traditional paper labels, while adding a touch of elegance to the bottle design. The medallion was custom designed to have the same curve as the bottle to ensure accurate adhesion.

Electroform medallions and metal labels are some of the unique offerings Elite Label can provide in the wine industry. Elite Label’s electroform is created through a metal plating process which allows for intricate details in design.

Congratulations to Sunshine Valley Vineyards and Sara Nelson Design for winning “Best Overall Package” at the 2015 Wines and Vines Packaging Conference. Elite Label was proud to partner with Sunshine Valley Vineyards to produce the 3D electroform medallion.

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