A Well Planned Label for Chaucer’s Cellars

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When creating a label, a lot of collaboration and planning goes in before the actual production begins. To create this aged label for Chaucer’s Cellars of Bargetto Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains, our team at Elite Label worked extensively with designer, Ed Penniman, to ensure that each label in the series of four fruit wines was reproduced well and full of detail to carefully represent each image.

Before printing we needed to ensure that the finishing details were compatible with our production equipment. There was a lot of dialogue back and forth to discuss an emboss design that would reproduce well on press.  When working on color, we wanted to ensure that each of the fruit images was true to its original painting, and that the background beige graduation was a good match to the custom capsule.

After many drafts and lots of communication, the end label yielded a well-planned result!

Chaucer's Cellars

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