Electroform Components: Sunshine Valley Vineyards Medallion Label

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Because of parent company GM Nameplate, a manufacturer that specializes in custom engineered nameplate solutions; Elite Label has many unique capabilities that allow us to offer a variety of labeling solutions. We are able to take the creative designs and visions of our customers and bring them to life.

That is how Elite Label was able to help when Sunshine Valley Vineyards of Grass Valley, California, wanted a 3D medallion on the bottle of their 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon. Elite Label relied on GM Nameplate technology in metal branded products to create a freestanding electroform medallion that was 1 inch in diameter. Not only was this a unique electroform component but it was also a metal label made from nickel with gold and black finishes. Besides creating the interesting design of the medallion there were other challenges due to the metal material. Because the rigid medallion was unable to bend, it was tricky to adhere directly onto the wine bottle. GM Nameplate engineers came up with a precise solution by designing the backside of the medallion to have the same exact curve as the bottle in order to attach correctly.

Once the medallion components were complete they were hand applied to each wine bottle. After much collaboration, Sunshine Valley Vineyards ended up with a classy one of a kind bottle. An example of this unique label can be seen below.

Sunshine Valley Vineyards Medallion Label

Sunshine Valley Vineyards Medallion Label

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  1. Lan Stank says:

    A very classic but high quality label for this wine.

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