A Unique Metal Label for Woodinville Whiskey Co.

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Photo by David Cole of David Cole Creative

Photo by David Cole of David Cole Creative


On Saturday, December 7th Elite Label customer, Woodinville Whiskey Co., released their 2013 Limited Collector’s Edition Bourbon Whiskey. This release was extremely special because the whiskey came from the distillery’s first 5 barrels ever made. There were only a limited number of bottles available, 595, for the first lucky customers in the doors.

Elite Label is proud to have worked on such a unique and meaningful product along with many other collaborators such as David Cole Creative, the packaging designer. David Cole’s objective was to create a presentation that accurately represented the classic American distillery and he did just that with an aged yet classic label, further enhanced by incorporating a unique metal label with an old world feel. On our end, we worked to ensure the best label quality to give the product the attention it deserves.  The bottle features a custom designed embossed aluminum label with a hand patina finish. The base label is a 2 part (front and back set) pressure sensitive roll label that was digitally printed. This unique combination of metal and textured paper enhances the authentic appearance of the well-aged, hand-crafted whiskey inside the bottle.

Contact Elite Label to find out more about this process at information@elitelabel.com

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