GMO Labeling not Required for Wine Labels

Posted by on November 26, 2013 in General | 0 comments

GMO LabelingIn the midst of GMO labeling initiatives around the country there is some good news for wineries and their bottle labels. Because these initiatives have yet to be approved and voted into law there are currently no GMO labeling requirements for food and beverages in the United States. Wine in particular, already has the challenge of conveying a message and representing a brand in a small amount of space. Add further government required nutritional information and the space for creative freedom is even more restricted.

Earlier this month Washington State rejected Initiative 522 calling for labeling of food and beverages that contain genetically modified organisms. Although the initiative failed to pass it is still gaining momentum and awareness on a national level. Last November, the state of California rejected Proposition 37, another initiative that would have required GMO labeling. Although GMO labeling initiatives have yet to pass, it is likely that they will return on future ballots around the country.

Fortunately, wineries around the country can rest easy knowing that for now, they will not need to recreate their labels to allow space for GMO information.

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