A Peek Inside the Design: Communicating the Value of Wine (part 3 of 3)

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One of the most important pieces of information that Sara Nelson, creative director of Sara Nelson Design, shared with us is the way that label design communicates wine value.

Sara explains that there are many differences between wine bottles varying in price, particularly the colors and quality of their labels. Higher priced wine typically uses low contrast colors for a classy understated label. Lower priced wines on the other hand; tend to attract attention by using high contrast colors that pop off the bottle. While these wines use exaggerated imagery and color, expensive wine takes the cake for elaborate design. Sara explains that for these expensive wine labels, “the finish, texture and details support the image of a precious bottle of wine.”

Another aspect of Sara’s design process is creating consistent branding for multiple products. She explains that many wineries have multiple tiers of wine differentiated by price point or distribution. The branding on each label is similar but Sara explains that “the printing process communicates the value.” The printing decisions regarding finishes, die-cuts, materials and bottle type are made based on product worth. These quality differences give visual cues on value because the more expensive a bottle of wine the more design and detail enhancements go onto the label.

Basel Cellars, with whom Elite Label has worked with extensively, has multiple tiers of wine based on graduated value. As you can see below the branding on each label is consistent while the presentation differs.

Basel Cellars wine tiers

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