A Peek Inside the Design: Graphic Elements (part 2 of 3)

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Last week we began sharing valuable wine label design insight from Sara Nelson of Sara Nelson Design. Today we continue with Sara’s advice about the graphic elements of successful labels.

No matter how talented a designer is, they need direction from the winery. Whether it’s designing a first label or rebranding an existing label Sara explains that the winery “needs to have a brand personality and story which makes them unique. The designer can do a lot of work but they need something to go off of to create a marketable brand.” Sara goes on to point out that ideally, the brand will tie with something visual because, “imagery needs to reinforce the name.” By creating a memorable brand personality people will connect with the winery behind the wine.

Once a memorable brand is established, a label must not only reflect it, but also attract attention. Anyone walking down a grocery store wine aisle can see that there are many wine labels out there, good and bad.  In order for a great wine label to stand out, Sara advises that “one thing needs to draw the eye in, there can be more going on but the focal point has to be dominant.” From experience she has learned that labels with an image as the focus are the most successful.

Benefit from Sara’s experience by establishing a brand personality before getting started on the label design process to utilize valuable time with your designer.

Below you can see that Vestige from Newhouse Family Vineyards does a great job of utilizing a focal point with an illustration of Alfred Newhouse.

Vestige from Newhouse Family Vineyards

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