A Peek Inside the Design: Communication is Key (part 1 of 3)

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Long time Elite Label partner Sara Nelson, creative director of Sara Nelson Design, agreed to let us pick her brain about anything and everything regarding one of her specialties; wine labels. With more than 15 years of design experience under her belt she is a great source of information. Lucky for us, she shared some valuable insight about what makes a successful label. Here is a first look at her advice to wineries.

Before a wine label can be placed on the bottle it goes through many different hands, passed between the winery, the designer and the printer. According to Sara, the key to this collaboration is communicating. She advises that it is crucial for the designer and printer to work together in order to “accomplish the vision while on a budget.” From experience she has learned that by working together they can come up with creative solutions to achieve the look a winery wants at the price it can afford.

Working as a team, Sara suggests that it is especially important for all members to stay involved throughout the proofing process. When small errors occur, like slight design alterations and color shifts, a designer can spot what a client may not notice.  In the end, this collaboration can save a lot of time and money, especially for the winery.

Sara worked closely with Elite Label to create this label for Veranda Beach’s Regatta Rose.

Veranda Beach Regatta Rose

Learn more about Sara Nelson Design:  http://saranelsondesign.com/



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