Protect Your Label from the Big Bad Ice Bucket (part 2 of 2)

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In June, we posted Let Elite Label solve your Ice Bucket Problem about the negative effects of an ice bucket on wine labels. Now we want to expand on our solutions by focusing on the Elite Opaque label.  When left in an ice bucket for hours, wine labels become translucent and soggy, peeling off of the bottle. We think that’s unacceptable so we provide a solution that ensures your beautifully designed labels stay in place and keep looking great.

Elite Opaque is made from a specially constructed material that is durable enough to withstand transparency. Along with its durability, Elite Opaque has the popular look and feel of a traditional paper label that your customers want when picking up the bottle. While maintaining this popular and slightly textured feel, the durability of laminated film combats the ice cold water, leaving your label as beautiful as the day it was printed.

Our wine label specialist Lisa Coletti experimented with this Elite Opaque claim. She went to the Guglielmo Winery and purchased two bottles of wine, a Chardonnay using our white felt paper and a Pinot Grigio featuring Elite Opaque, from their tasting room.  She placed the two bottles in an ice bath and let them soak for 4 hours. The results confirm that while the white felt paper looks fine, the Elite Opaque looks great without any translucency. We call that a success!

The before and after photos from an ice bucket experiment using Guglielmo Winery Pinot Grigio using Elite Opaque along with a Chardonnay using white felt paper.

These are the before and after photos from an ice bucket experiment between Guglielmo’s Pinot Grigio using Elite Opaque and Chardonnay using white felt paper.


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