Protect Your Label from the Big Bad Ice Bucket (part 1 of 2)

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Back in June we discussed a few label options that are strong enough to withstand the effects of an ice bucket in our post Let Elite Label Solve your Ice Bucket Problem. Now we continue our coverage by presenting the benefits of using a film label. This label is made from a non-porous material that makes your label impermeable to liquids.  With its industrial strength, there is no need to worry about transparency, peeling or sogginess.

Beyond its durability, film labels have a unique appearance. It provides a smooth texture with high sheen, making it a great option for flashy, dramatic or bright colored labels. Film labels are available in a variety of background colors including white, silver and clear. The clear label, in particular, has a distinct effect because it causes the design to look like it has been printed directly on the bottle.  This eye catching quality can help your wine bottle stand out in a busy wine aisle.

Below is an example from Barons Winery of the clear film label used for their 2010 Petit Barone.

Barons 2010 Petit Barone with a clear Film Label

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