Let Elite Label solve your Ice Bucket Problem

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Using ice buckets is a common way to cool down wine to a tasty temperature. Although this method does chill wine, it also causes wine labels to become translucent and weakens the adhesives until they eventually peel off of the bottle.  Fortunately, Elite Label has a wide variety of wine labels strong enough to withstand the dangers of an ice bucket.

Some wine label suppliers claim that their products are able to resist these negative effects because of their wet strength rating. This means that they use adhesives specifically designed for the cold and wet environment of an ice bucket as well as special strength paper. Unfortunately, these wine labels can still be affected.

Most standard labels use a general purpose adhesive that claims to be able to withstand an ice bucket for up to only two hours.  Elite Label has a solution to this problem allowing your customers to chill your wine and maintain high quality labeling. Our white wine label options will ensure that quality.

One of our strongest options is the Elite Opaque Label. It’s different because it’s made with a label stock that under laminates the film with opaque. It also features an aggressive adhesive to prevent translucency while having the popular traditional look of a paper label. This label continues to have an unfinished paper surface and doesn’t turn translucent from ice water. The quality that the Elite Opaque Label provides is well worth the cost, you want your brand and imagery to stick on your product, not to be washed away and forgotten.

Another option offered by Elite Label is our Film Label which successfully prevents translucency and its non-porous quality ensures that moisture is not a problem. This label has a unique look; the high-sheen can be a great option for wine labels with bright colors and flashy graphics.

Elite Label also works with top paper suppliers in order to provide additional solutions and options, making it a great fit for many different products.

The ability to offer our customers a wide variety of options for their labeling needs is important to us at Elite Label. That is why we continue to expand our capabilities as your preferred labeling company.

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