Color Matching for Brand Consistency

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Color matching sample

We have often discussed the value of utilizing high quality label printing services in creating your memorable wine labels, but it’s also important to note the value of this when it comes to your brand. On GMN’s Graphics blog, Mike McDaniel recently wrote an article on color matching. Proper color matching is essential to ensuring that the color is exactly the shade that it was intended to be.

Mike discusses how there are many factors that contribute to proper color matching, including the ink system, material and texture. As part of GMN, Elite Label takes stringent measures to ensure than an accurate color match is made and maintained throughout the wine label printing process.

The same idea applies to your brand identity. Whatever your logo, color or look may be – it’s important that it looks the same on your wine label as it does on website, ad or Facebook. As the wine industry grows, so does the competition. Consistent branding is essential to letting your customers know who you are and recognize your wine from the 100 others it might be sharing a shelf with.  From wine labels, to tasting room signage and print advertising, branding with a consistent color palette is a simple marketing measure to help enhance your brand.

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