Hand of God: Consistent Branding Across Product Labels

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Whether you simply sell wine or spirits, or you sell a vast array of food and beverage products, it is very important to create a strong and universal brand identity that can be found on all of your products. From a logo, to color palette or theme, it’s important that your products differentiate from the competitors.

Argentina winery, Hand of God wines, fingerprint series is a great example of carrying brand identity across multiple products – wine and olive oil. The fingerprint series features a simple, yet elegant cut-out, or “fingerprint” on the label. While, both labels feature the Hand of God logo, the “fingerprint” distinguishes them from other Hand of God products. While, both labels have contrasting aesthetics they share the same color scheme.

Hand of God Olive Oil Printed by EliteLabel

The olive oil label is digitally printed on dull silver metallic film (hence the reflection). The label was printed with one pass of opaque white and is highlighted with silver and green accents. Its “fingerprint” is printed with a glossy black ink, which stands out elegantly from the subdued label.

Hand of God Wine Label by EliteLabel

The wine label is a contrasting deep blue paper label. It features the Hand of God logo in a bold green. Its “fingerprint” is a cut out in the center of the label that is the same size and shape as the one featured on the olive oil label.

Both labels, feature two unique labeling options, cut outs and metallic paper, yet by using the same simple design elements they are easily identifiable. No matter your product, it is important to utilize appropriate and distinguishable design elements to identify and establish your brand identity.  As the Hand of God fingerprint shows, the options for doing this is unlimited.

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