Metal Materials and Finishes for Wine Labels

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As I discussed in “When are metal labels a good option for your wine?” metal labels are a standout way to add a touch of elegance and individuality to your wine. But it doesn’t stop there. Between choosing a material and finish for your adhesive-backed metal label, you have many opportunities to enhance the aesthetic of your wine label.

Elite Label has the ability to create practically any metal look you desire. For adhesive-backed metal labels we offer two materials — embossed pewter and embossed aluminum. The embossed pewter is available with just a natural finish. Embossed aluminum is available with various finishes including, silver, old silver (light or dark), weathered silver, antique silver, old world patina, brass light, brass dark, gold, light gold and copper. No matter what your desired metal label look is, chances are that Elite Label has an option for you.

John Bookwalter Bottle with Embossed Pewter Metal Wine Label

When John Bookwalter wines released it 2009 Chapter 4 reserve wine, they needed a unique way to showcase the exceptional flavors of the wine. By using an adhesive backed embossed pewter label, the bottle showcases the depth and quality of the vintage while keeping the design simple and classic.

John Bookwalter Old World Patina Metal Wine Label

John Bookwalter wines decided to use a metal label again for its 2010 Volume One Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This label is embossed aluminum with the old world patina finish. The label has a similar design as the Chapter 4 wine, while still differentiating itself. The old world patina finish also ties in smoothly with the wines back label.

Metal labels are you a unique way to showcase whatever your wine may be. Whether you’re hoping to create a modern look or something more vintage with your wine label, with Elite Label’s material and finish options there is an option that will work for your design. While, this post showcased two wines, utilizing metal is also a great option to make spirit bottles stand out as well.

To learn more about metal finishes, visit our post Metal Materials and Finishes or see a samples from Cooper, A Red Mountain Winery.

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  1. Hi, I’d like to get some purchase/setup info on producing some custom metal/pewter wine labels for a small wine collection.


    • Lisa Coletti says:

      Hello Bertony,

      Than you for your comment, and interest in our metal label offerings. You can contact Tari Gordon at 206-484-3302 or , and she can help you with regard to your interest in metal labels.

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