When are metal wine labels a good option for your wine?

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In the recent blog series “Trends in wine labels,” Elise touched on the value of utilizing different materials in wine label design. The same trend applies to labels in the food and beverage industry. At Elite Label, we feature the unique capability of using almost any material for a label you can think of — including metal. Using a metal label, instead of a traditional paper label, creates an added element of uniqueness that can help your wine, beverage, or food product stand out. So when is metal a good fit for your project?

Metal labels were first being used in the spirits industry, and are becoming more popular in the wine industry. Typically they are used on higher priced products, whether a reserve type wine or specialty liquor. A metal label can add a touch of elegance to your bottle. They make a bold brand statement that stands out from traditional labels and competitors.

Matteo Bottle with Metal Wine Label by EliteLabelMatteo Wines based out of Woodinville, Wash., chose to feature a metal label on their wine bottle. The simple label design and incorporation of metal makes a strong statement of sophistication and quality.

The utilization of a metal label brings added interest to your wine bottle, making it stand out among others. Whether you’re bottling a special reserve wine, spirits, or looking for a new unique look for whatever your product is, using metal is an option that looks nice while easily differentiating your brand from the rest. Stayed tuned for an upcoming post discussing the different metal materials and finishes available at Elite Label.

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