Trends in wine labels: Personalities (part 5 of 5)

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In many ways wines have their own personality. From the grapes, age, region, and blend, there are many characteristics that make each wine unique. When you think about wine that way, it’s really not surprising that one of the newest trends in wine labels is personalities. More and more wineries are creating labels that give their wines a personality — by using pictures of people.

Middle Sister Wines has made their brand known by featuring a different middle sister on every bottle; from the rebel red (a red blend) to the drama queen (pinot grigio). This branding gives each wine its own persona while also tying it back in with the rest of the winery’s blends. In addition, it is a creative way to describe the wine to someone that might not know that much about wine. For the customer that isn’t a wine expert, the personality of the label could sell them on one wine over another.

Newhouse Family Vineyards 2009 Snipes Mountain Red Blend wine label featuring Alfred Newhouse

Newhouse Family Vineyards’ “Vestige” wine label features a photograph of Alfred Newhouse, who purchased Upland Vineyards in 1972 and worked to expand it into the vineyard it is today. The winery’s Vestige is dedicated to Alfred Newhouse, and the label design helps make that apparent. The photograph of Newhouse on the label also helps give the wine a character that looks both wise and longstanding.

The shape of this label is also worth pointing out. The front label is designed to look like a 3 part label but there is actually a black band on the top and bottom which disappears visually once it is on the bottle. Sara Nelson Design of Kennewick, Wash. designed this label which was then printed here at Elite Label.


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