Trends in wine labels: Printing on metallic paper (part 4 of 5)

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One of the first things that might come to mind when thinking of your wine label design is probably the artwork. What style of font to use, photos, colors and even the shape. However using a unique material to print the labels is one of the coolest elements you can add to your label design. Printing on metallic paper adds an interesting element to your label design, while also being an affordable material option.

At Elite Label, we have the ability to customize every aspect of your wine label — from color, texture, shape and even material. Our printing capabilities allow us to print on many types of material, including metallic paper.

Custom Black Smith Wine Label with Metallic Paper Manufactured by EliteLabel

Forgeron Cellars’ new Blacksmith wine label, above, has a sleek look and design. By printing the label on metallic paper it has an added elegance.

Lightbox Riesling Wine Label with Metallic Paper by EliteLabel

 The Yakima Valley Pontin Del Roza wine label design, above, incorporates both a unique shape and material. While fairly simple, the design, texture and glam of the metallic paper helps it reflect the vintage, Art Deco vibe that the brand embodies.

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  1. Amelia Barney says:

    The wine label for the Blacksmith is really nice. Would love to receive this as a gift.

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