Trends in Wine Labels: Shapes & Cut Outs (part 2 of 5)

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Using a unique shape for your wine label is one of the easiest ways you can differentiate your wine from your competitors. Whether you choose to create a unique shape, utilize cut-outs or have a circle shaped label instead of a rectangle, the design possibilities are endless.  Depending on what other design elements used in your label you can highlight certain themes or features. Below are two Elite Label projects that utilized a unique die cut. The end result? Eye catching wine labels that stand out from the rest!

Distinct label shape featured on Sylvester Vineyards & Winery wine bottleThis Slyvester Vineyards & Winery wine label is an example of a bikini label — as it is a two piece front label set.  The unique shape highlights the outline of the birds on the label and helps it stand out from tradition wine labels. When bikini, or multiple piece front labels, are produced at Elite Label we position the labels on the roll with the exact spacing they would have on the bottle. This method ensures that the labels are aligned perfectly on the bottle. If the labels were produced on separated rolls applying them with correct alignment would be extremely difficult.

Unique label shape featured on River Aerie wine bottlesWhen RiverAerie Wines decided to incorporated a unique shape into their label design it was important to make sure the label would still work on the bottling line without a problem. Because of this label’s unique shape, Elite Label worked with the client and bottler to make sure the design would have a successful application. Since the label has a thin shape protruding on the right side, the left side of the label had to be the leading edge. Before producing the labels, Elite Label sent a die cut sample roll to the bottler to test the application process.

Implementing a non-standardized die in your wine label design can help your wine stand out on the shelf. However, if you do decide to design a label with a unique die cut its important to discuss the shape with the bottling line manager, in addition to the printer. Many designs can impact automatic application. If potential issues are discussed early on, changes can be made to ensure successful production and application.

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  1. bar cabinet says:

    I don’t know what I think about the new trends in labels. It seems like wine labels are slowly becoming more like craft beer labels. They are trying to sell the product with graphic design instead of the quality of the wine. That said, it is undoubtedly working for companies with good designs. Anyone who only buys low-end wines or doesn’t drink wine much will gravitate to cooler looking bottles and pictures.

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