Trends in wine labels: Introduction (part 1 of 5)

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Wine bottle with question mark on labelIt’s Friday night. You’re at the grocery store on your way to a friend’s for dinner. You walk up and down the aisle searching for a bottle of wine. You have absolutely no idea what to get. What are they serving? White or Red? What’s the difference between a Cabernet and a Merlot? You give up, pick a price and then choose the wine with the coolest label.

If you’re the owner of a winery, you probably already have your bases covered when it comes to the Friday night wine decision, but many of your could-be customers probably fit into the other category—judging the wine not by its grape, color or flavor, but its label. Studies have proven the importance of unique and stand out labels in the wine industry. (See our article on marketing to Generation Y.)

Today there are many trends in the wine label industry that have proven successful in attracting customers, and gaining brand power. Creating a unique and distinctive wine label allows you the ability to define your wine, your winery and your brand. There are many wine label trends that help create, not just an image but a personality of your wine.

Between using a unique shape for your wine labels, utilizing unique printing materials and creating a personality, there are many trends in wine labels that help attract customers. Stayed tuned for upcoming blogs about wine label trends, featuring Elite Label projects.

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