5 reasons standard labels could be right for your wine

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How do you know if using a standard label size is right for your wine bottles?  The benefits of using standard label sizes has more to do with dies than labels.  Dies or die cuts refer to the tools that cut out your wine labels and they can be expensive.  They cost a few hundred dollars to produce and can be a great investment if you are looking for a unique customized shape or size for your wine label.  However, utilizing standard dies, which produce a regular label size, can also have great benefits.  Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider designing your next label around a standard die:

  1. Timing: Are you about to design or redesign a label?  If so, this is the perfect time to consider standard dies.  If you already have custom dies made, then using the standard dies are probably not necessary for you.  Get your money’s worth and keep using your custom dies!  However, if you are about to undergo design changes, this is the perfect time to weigh the advantages of going for a standard option.
  2. Production size: If you have a small production run or a new untested variety, then the investment in a custom die may not be worthwhile.
  3. Design Elements: By avoiding costs on die cut tooling, you can invest in more elaborate design elements such as embossing, color detail, and more.  Establish your design priorities and consider where you would prefer to spend your production dollars.
  4. Bottling techniques: How do you adhere labels to your bottles?  If you do it mechanically, standard labels tend to work best.
  5. Cost: Using standard dies saves hundreds of dollars on tooling.  Need we say more?

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