Add a QR code on your label to enable a mobile experience

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Contributed by Angie Robar, mobile marketing expert at Vinette

Walla Walla Wine Event at Sodo Park Logo

Walla Walla Wine Event at Sodo Park

At the recent annual meeting of the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance, we heard that Robert Mondavi changed the way wineries marketed and sold wine when he started inviting visitors to the winery for music, learning, and other wine experiences in the late ’60′s.

Some 50 years later, wineries see the value in having a tasting room—inviting visitors in to learn your story, try your wines, create an experience, and remember you.

Yet there is wine on shelves, online, on menus, making its way to tables everywhere—daily, getting into the hands of people everywhere—daily. Consumers, retailers, and restaurants are all creating experiences with your wines outside of your tasting room.

More than 50% of these people are always connected with their mobile devices standing “at the ready” to call up whatever information they might want to know. Ready to enhance their experience with information, converse with networks of friends online, and share their experiences while they are happening.

Mobile is hitting mainstream, and as Sean Sullivan of Washington Wine Report points out in his recent post Wineries: Time to Get Mobile “There is only one problem with the plethora of new smartphone users; wineries are not ready for them.”

Now, this doesn’t mean you should run out and simply throw a mobile website up. This is not about checking a box and knocking things off the list—if this is your approach, you will surely be saying later “we tried that, it doesn’t work”. It means you should think about your user. Who are they? What are they looking for when they are on their mobile device? What information do they want from you in this scenario? How do you provide a great experience?

When you have a good mobile experience for your wine brand, and provide an easy, instant access method like a QR code…

  • every bottle can arm your trade and consumer customers with what they need to create their own “tasting room” experience with your wines,
  • your story can be easily shared with their customers and friends—online and off,
  • the samples you send to media and bloggers become more like conversations with your winemaker,
  • your distributor reps, and on- and off-premise staff turn into brand ambassadors rather than simply deal makers,
  • you become accessible and create direct connections with on- and off-premise accounts and consumers,
  • you receive data that you can use to make informed business decisions.

If you’re thinking mobile sounds like a pretty valuable tool for your wine brand…it is.

How do you get started?

  1. Be found. Register your locations and contact information on major search engine sites like Google Places and Bing These sites will deliver your location information in a mobile ready format, for free, so that users looking for your tasting room and contact information on their mobile device can get it, when they need it most
  2. Be memorable. Create a mobile experience for users to access details about your wine, your winery and your winemaker that will help them increase their enjoyment with your brand. Be interesting, thoughtful, and provide easy navigation to encourage exploration. Give them what they need to create experiences they will remember and share with their networks. This can help you sell more wine.
  3. Be accessible. QR codes are a good tool for enabling instant access to information. Putting codes on your point-of-sale, tech sheets, event materials, and bottle labels, and making them available to your retail and restaurant partners for use, is a great way to make your materials dynamic, push your mobile content into market, and deliver what your customers want, when they want it most.


Elite Label participated with the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance and Vinette to provide a mobile + QR solution to 40 wineries at two tasting events this year. We saw how QR codes and mobile increased interaction at the events and kept momentum in the days and weeks following, as attendees continued to engage with the mobile content. We monitored more than 800 scans, from 200 unique visitors who viewed 4.5 of 5 pages per visit. We heard from retail shops, buyers, and consumers that this is something they want.

-Tari Gordon, Elite Label Sales Representative


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