Meet Robert Lipari

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Meet Robert Lapari of EliteLabel

Meet Robert Lapari of Elite Label

Robert Lipari began with GM Nameplate in 1981. He joined the Elite Label division of GM Nameplate as an Account Manager in the beginning of this year.

After attending San Jose State University with a major in Graphic Design, Robert Lipari came to GM Nameplate as a graphic artist. From 1985 until 1996 he worked as an estimator for GM Nameplate, until leaving the company to pursue another opportunity.

After 11 years working on the east coast, Robert was excited to return to GM Nameplate as an Account Manager at GM Nameplate’s San Jose division in 2008.

In his role he is focused on two main tasks: providing service to customers to exceed their expectations, and help grow Elite Label’s wine label business.

“I enjoy working with the wine business side of GM Nameplate first and foremost, because I love wine! It is completely different than the industrial side [of GMN’s business] and offers more challenges and interaction with customers.”

Lipari works closely with Elite Label sales representatives, customers and designers to ensure that customers receive the highest quality products for all their label needs. He acts as the liaison between production, sales, and the client – scheduling jobs, coordinating shipping instructions, and relaying information between all parties. With his graphic design and estimating background, he understands both the cost and design factors of label projects.

“The most important aspect of my job is close communication with everyone involved,” said Robert Lipari. “That is the key to achieving and exceeding costumer expectations!”

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