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Lisa Coletti, your Wine Label Specialist, has grown with the industry, witnessing changing customer needs and finding new solutions. Lisa joined the GM Nameplate (GMN) team, right out of college when she parlayed her degree in graphic design into a position as a technical artist.

She enjoyed the culture at GM Nameplate and decided a move into the customer service department would help her gain valuable customer insight. After four years, Lisa accepted the challenge of outside sales, where she steadily gained experience and later moved into the position of Marketing Manager-Roll Labels.

One of her projects included investigating the labeling needs of the wine industry. This was the same time that digital presses began to emerge in the industry, and Lisa helped her wine industry clients understand the advantages offered with this new printing technology.

“Digital printing offers an affordable process for small wineries to purchase high quality labels without incurring huge set up fees,” explained Lisa. “The latest digital presses offer many advantages to traditional printing (lower cost of set up, on-demand customization, faster press speeds, and typically shorter time to market). Digital printing may have started as a low volume solution but now, it is evolving into a medium volume answer.”

As an Instrumental leader in supporting GM Nameplate and Elite Label’s entry into the wine label industry in 2002, Lisa spearheaded customer-centric initiatives including hiring the company’s first dedicated wine label sales representative. Shortly after, Lisa accepted the position of Wine Label National Sales, early in 2004. With the growth in importance of the wine industry, she has been working closely with members of this field ever since.

While Lisa’s main focus is on California, she manages her time to give proper attention to a few accounts in Washington, Idaho and the rest of the country, as well. When asked what she likes about her job Lisa replied, “I’m a people person so I enjoy working with clients and designers and helping develop their wine labels. Many wineries are more conscious now, of designing their brand to compete in a specific demographic rather than just making a label that represents the image of a winery, and a lot of thought goes into catching the attention of the intended buyer.”

Lisa added, “I see my job as bringing together clients, designers and our internal staff to do the best work possible and my technical understanding of printing processes and design background, offers a unique combination to assist our wine industry clients.”

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