High-volume digital production for medium-run labels

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Everyone knows that digital printing is a good fit for low volume print runs, or print runs with a high mix of images, but did you know that our high volume digital press is well suited for medium-volume runs as well? Below are a list of guidelines.

  • Economy of Scale: a much larger print frame
  • Economy of time: twice the print speed
  • Financially sound: competitive label pricing
  • Environmentally sound: recyclability of consumables

With our Indigo WS6000 press, we are able to meet customers’ medium range print runs – up to 120,000 labels (depending on label size) at a competitive price, with an environmentally friendly solution. How do we do it?

Our image footprint is almost twice the length of previous generations of Indigo digital presses. This allows us to print twice the amount of images in one pass through the press, reducing the cost of production, and allowing for a larger volume of labels to be printed at one time.

Our press is faster than previous generations of Indigo presses, allowing speeds of 98 feet per minute for four-color process printing. This is twice the speed of older presses that run at 50 feet per minute. This faster speed reduces our labor costs, as we are on press for shorter periods of time.
It also helps to reduce lead time.

With traditional printing, wineries are often faced with having to order their entire year’s inventory of labels at one time in order to achieve a lower unit cost. This causes them to inventory more labels than needed, and pay for product they will not use for several months. Because of the low cost of digital set up, and the efficiencies listed above, we are able to offer, to our customers, more cost effective solutions, by only printing what you need now, as opposed to having to print all of your labels at one time. Why pay it forward, when you only have to order and pay for what you need for your current bottling?

Our digital press is more environmentally friendly. The WS6000 digital press consumes 25% less power than previous models. It has an oil recycling system, enabling a reduction of roughly 50% in consumption and waste. In addition, press set up, or make ready waste is significantly reduced, resulting in less waste to landfill. The inking system is a closed loop system eliminating ink waste. Empty ink canisters are collected and returned to the manufacturer for recycling. Digital printing makes sense for small and medium volume label runs.

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