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We are proud to highlight our production of this beautiful label set for Legend Resorts’ Veranda Beach Syrah.

While the winery is yet to be built, winemaking is taking place under the guidance of master winemaker Berle “Rusty” Figgins, who we worked with on this project. This wine label set, produced by Elite Label for the 2007 Veranda Beach Syrah, highlights Elite Label’s ability to work closely with customers for the launch of a new product. As this was a first label for this winery, they requested assistance with the design.

For this project, we used one of our affiliated designers, Sara Nelson of Sara Nelson Designs. Sara is well known throughout the wine industry for her award winning label designs and she worked closely with Rusty and our own Tari Gordon to create this set.

The challenge was to incorporate the client’s already existing logo, consisting of the Veranda Beach name in a “distressed” font and a pair of crossed rustic oars, into a new label that speaks to the sophisticated nature of the wine and the cottage theme of their resort community.

Sara and Tari worked closely to create this handsome label. They suggested textured label stock to enhance the distressed font and play into the rustic elements of the design theme. Our Design Engineers applied a spot clear foil, adding a shiny and smooth element to the label’s appearance in selected areas. This border component, along with the Veranda Beach typeface and Oars – which were embossed and registered to the image to provide the label added tactile appeal – brings a sophisticated contrast to the rustic image of the oars and textured paper.

If you would like to know how Elite Label and our affiliated designers could assist you, or you have questions about this label or the processes used in our production of it, please contact us; we will be happy to discuss it with you!

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